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Activities at Eleuthera, The Bahamas

Seeking for some adventures? Consult this short resume of things you can do on the beautiful island of Eleuthera, The Bahamas to help inspire your curiousness. 

Glass Window Bridge

One of nature's true wonders! The Glass Window Bridge will leave you breathless. Compare the rich blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean on one side to the calm Caribbean Sea on the other side, It is Eleuthera’s narrowest point just 30 feet wide.

Glass window bridge.jpg

Harbour Island

Harbour Island lies just northwest of Eleuthera. Take a 5 minute boat ride and  rent a Golf Cart to visit this island (5km wide X 800 meters long). Renowned for their pink sand beaches. Rich in culture. Nice sceneries. A charming little colonial village settled in the late 1700’s. Old capital of the Bahamas.

Harbor Island aerial pic.jpg

Swimming with Pigs!

(Spanish Wells)

Take a 10min boat ride with captain Ryan Neilly who will bring you to a near by island where the pigs will come and meet you. You can also ask him to go snorkeling on a nearby sandbar where you'll see colorfull fishes and beautiful corals.

Swimming with pigs.jpg

The Queen's bath (Boiling hole)

To find the Queen’s bath, you have to locate two stone walls and follow this path. Located 0.6 miles south of the Glass-window Bridge. Best to visit during low or medium tide and wear running shoes.

FRED Queens bath.jpeg

Lighthouse Beach

Don’t let the rough roads or long drive keep you away from this magnificent beach and historic Lighthouse. Lighthouse Beach makes it onto many of the world’s “Top Ten Beaches”.


Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve (Governor's Harbour)

In 2010, the Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve, a lush, 25-acre sanctuary, opened as Eleuthera’s first National Park. Created jointly by the Leon Levy Foundation and the Bahamas National Trust, the Preserve is home to more than 171 species of indigenous plants and has become a popular destination for local teachers and schoolchildren, as well as tourists.

Leon Levy plant preserve.jpg

Preacher's Cave

This large  cave is located in North Eleuthera about 2 miles east of Gene's Bay. It was discovered by William Sayle and a group of Christians seeking religious freedom from Bermuda, now referred to as "The Eleutheran Adventures." They had shipwrecked off the underwater rock formation called The Devil's Backbone and took shelter in this cave.

Preatures cave.jpg

The Ocean Hole

This world-renowned blue hole, an inland ocean/swimming hole, is located on the southern edge of Rock Sound. You can swim in it as the water is rumored to have healing powers. Bring stale bread, feed the fishes and watch an amazing feeding frenzy.

Ocean Hole.jpg

The Caves

(Hatchet Bay)

Towards Gregory Town is a sign "Hatchet Bay Cave", on the left side of the road that points to the cave. If you decide to explore this cave (a huge cavern about a mile long), be sure to take a good pair of sneakers and a flashlight for each person. This is a safe (coral and limestone) cave.

Hatchet bay cave.jpg
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