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About Eleuthera

Named after the Greek word "eleutheros" meaning freedom.

Eleuthera Bahamas lies 50 miles east of Nassau, 225 miles from Fort Lauderdale and is 100 miles long and nearly a mile wide.

Population: 11,000 habitants

Size: 100 miles long

1 mile wide 
Highest point: 168 feet
Location: LAT N25 8’ 48" LONG W76 8’ 00"

Eleuthera was the first permanent settlement in the Bahamas. And, even though its first settlers came to the island over 350 years ago, it still remains an undiscovered paradise. In fact, Travel and Leisure awarded Eleuthera the "Best Secret Island on Earth". 

It is also ranked and reviewed as “Sexiest Beach Escapes” by Bing Travel, high on the list of the “25 sexiest beaches in the world” by Forbes Traveler.

In Eleuthera, you will find a world of sunshine and brilliant colors, 135 white and pink sand beaches and crystal-clear aquamarine and azure waters either on the Atlantic Ocean or on the Caribbean Sea side. The best of both worlds!

It is renowned for its laid-back style, friendly people and pure beauty. The perfect place to relax, unwind, enjoy and discover a truly wonderful paradise! 

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